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D.A. Davidson & Co.

Dade County

Dahlonega Downtown Development Authority


Dallas and Fort Worth

Dallas and Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas and Fort Worth International Airport Public Facility Improvement Corp.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Dallas Convention Center Hotel Development Corp.

Dallas County

Dallas County Community College District

Dallas County Hospital Authority

Dallas County Hospital District

Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District

Dallas Cowboys Complex

Dallas Independent School District

Dallas North Tollway System

Dallas Performing Arts Cultural Facilities Corp.

Dallas Texas Area Rapid Transit

Dallas Water Utilities

Dallas Waterworks and Sewer System

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport

Dallastown Area School District

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute



Dartmouth College

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Obligated Group

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Obligated Group Issue

Daughters of Charity Health System

Daughters of Charity Heath System

Dauphin County

Dauphin County General Authority

David Lerner Associates

David Lerner Associates, Inc.

Davidson County

Davidson Library at Santa Barbara


Davie County

Davis County School District

Davis School District

Dayton City School District

Dayton Metropolitan Library

Dayton Power & Light Co.

Dayton Power & Light Co. Project

Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority

Daytona Beach

DB Advisors

db X-trackers Managed Municipal Bond Fund

db X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond ETF

db X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond Fund

db X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Fund

db X-trackers Regulated Utilities Fund

db-X Managed Municipal Bond Fund

DDR Gulf Promenade, LLC

Deaconess Health System Obligated Group

Deaconess Hospital Obligated Group

Dearborn County

Dearborn School District

Decatur Board of Education

Decatur City Schools

Decatur Hospital Authority

Decatur Township Multi-School Building Corp.

Deer Park Independent School District

Deer Park Refining LPP

Deer Valley Unified School District No. 97

Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community

DeKalb County

DeKalb County Development Authority

DeKalb County Hospital Authority

DeKalb County School District

DeKalb Medical Center, Inc.

Dekalb Medical Center, Inc. Project

DeKalb Private Hospital Authority

Dekalb Private Hospital Authority of Fulton County

Del Mar College District

Del Valle Independent School District


Delaware Community College

Delaware County Authority

Delaware County Authority Haverford College

Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Industrial Development Authority

Delaware Economic Development Authority

Delaware Health Facilities Authority

Delaware Housing Authority

Delaware Investments

Delaware Investments Arizona Municipal Income Fund, Inc.

Delaware Investments Colorado Municipal Income Fund Inc.

Delaware Investments Minnesota Municipal Income Fund II Inc.

Delaware Investments National Municipal Income Fund

Delaware Municipal Electric Corp.

Delaware Regional Finance Authority

Delaware River and Bay Authority

Delaware River Bay Authority

Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

Delaware River Port Authority

Delaware State Housing Authority

Delaware Tax-Free Pennsylvania Fund

Delaware Transportation Authority

Delmarva Power & Light Co.

Delnor-Community Hospital

Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Delta County Economic Development Corp.

Delta Water Supply Project


Denbury Gulf Coast Pipelines, LLC

Denbury Onshore, LLC

Denison University


Denton County

Denton Independent School District


Denver Board of Water Commissioners

Denver City and County School District No. 1

Denver City School District No. 1

Denver Convention Center Hotel Authority

Denver Department of Aviation

Denver Health and Hospital Authority

Denver International Airport

Denver Public School District

Denver Public School District No. 1

Denver Public Schools

Denver School District No. 1

Denver School Facilities Leasing Corp.

Denver Schools Facilities Leasing Corp.

Denver Urban Renewal Authority

Department of Budget and Finance of the State of Hawaii

Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Department of Corrections Walnut Grove Correctional Facility

Department of Developmental Services

Department of Justice

Department of Mental Health

Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles

DePaul University

DePauw University

Depfa First Albany Securities LLC

Depository Trust & Clearing Corp

Depository Trust Co.

Des Moines

Des Moines Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority

Deschutes County Hospital Facility Authority

Desert Community College District

Desert Sands Unified School District

DeSoto County

DeSoto Parish


Detroit Edison Co.

Detroit Edison Co. Exempt Facilities Project

Detroit Local Development Finance Authority

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Detroit Regional Convention Facility

Detroit Retirement Systems Funding Trust

Detroit School District

Detroit Sewage Disposal System

Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

Detroit West Preparatory Academy

Detroit/Wayne County Stadium Authority

Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management

Deutsche California Tax-Free Income Fund

Deutsche Massachusetts Tax-Free Fund

Deutsche Municipal Income Trust

Deutsche New York Tax-Free Income Fund

Deutsche Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund

Deutsche Strategic Municipal Income Trust

Developers Diversified Realty Corp.

Development Authority of Appling County

Development Authority of Bartow County

Development Authority of Burke County

Development Authority of Cobb County

Development Authority of Fulton County

Development Authority of Monroe County

Development Authority of the City of Milledgeville and Baldwin Counties

Development Authority of the Unified Government of Athens - Clarke County

Dexia SA

Dexter Community Schools

DFA Municipal Bond Portfolio

DFA Municipal Real Return Portfolio

DFA NY Municipal Bond Portfolio


Diageo USVI Inc.

Dickinson College

Dickinson Independent School District

Dignity Health

Dimensions Health Corp.

Disney Concert Hall Parking Garage

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Anacostia Waterfront Corp.

District of Columbia Tobacco Settlement Corp.

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

Doctor's Hospital Inc.

Doctors Community Hospital

Doctors Hospital Project

Doctors OhioHealth Corp.

Dominion Energy Brayton Point

Doral Properties, Inc.

Dorchester County

Dorchester County School District No. 2

Dormitory Authority of the State of New York

Dormitory Authority of the State of New York/Montefiore Medical Center

Douglas County

Douglas County Hospital Authority No. 2

Douglas County Public Utility District No. 1

Douglas County School District No. 17

Douglas County School District No. RE-1

Dow Chemical Co.

Dow Chemical Co. Project

Dow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure Broad Market Corporate Bond Index

Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Phoenix Hotel Corp.

Downtown Redevelopment Authority Conference Center Project

Downtown/Neighborhoods Project

Doylestown Hospital Authority


DPL Inc.

Drexel Hamilton, LLC

Drexel University

Dreyfus AMT-Free Municipal Bond Fund

Dreyfus Basic California Municipal Money Market Fund

Dreyfus Basic New Jersey Municipal Money Market Fund

Dreyfus Corp.

Dreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond Fund

Dreyfus Maryland Fund

Dreyfus Massachusetts Municipal Money Market Fund

Dreyfus Minnesota Fund

Dreyfus Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund, Inc.

Dreyfus Municipal Bond Opportunity Fund

Dreyfus Municipal Income, Inc.

Dreyfus Municipal Infrastructure Fund, Inc.

Dreyfus Municipal Money Market Fund, Inc.

Dreyfus New Jersey Municipal Bond Fund, Inc.

Dreyfus New York AMT-Free Municipal Cash Management

Dreyfus New York Municipal Cash Management

Dreyfus Ohio Fund

Dreyfus Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund

Dreyfus State Municipal Bond Funds

Dreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund, Inc.

Dreyfus Strategic Municipals, Inc.

Dreyfus Tax Sensitive Total Return Bond Fund

Drinking Water Assistance Fund

Dripping Springs Independent School District

Duke Energy Carolinas LLC

Duke Energy Corp.

Duke Energy Indiana, Inc.

Duke Energy Progress, Inc.

Duke University

Duke University Health System

Duke University Project

Duluth Economic Development Authority

Duluth Independent School District

Duluth Independent School District No. 709

Duncanville Independent School District

DuPage County

DuPage Water Commission


Durham Capital Financing Corp.

Durham County

Durham County Industrial Facilities and Pollution Control Financing Authority

Dutchess County Local Development Corp.

Dutchess Tobacco Asset Securitization Corp.

Duval County School Board


DWS Intermediate Tax/AMT Free Fund

DWS Investments

DWS Investments’ Municipal Income Trust

DWS Municipal Income Trust

DWS Short-Term Municipal Bond Fund

DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust

Dynamic Fuel Systems Inc.

Dynamic Fuels LLC

DynCorp International Inc.

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