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BAA Airports Ltd.

BAC Canada Finance Co.

Baffinland Iron Mines Corp.

Baffinland Iron Mines LP

BAM Split Corp.

Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten NV

Bank of America

Bank of America Corp.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America NA

Bank of Canada

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland (UK) plc

Bank of Ireland UK Holdings plc

Bank of Montreal

Bank of Montreal Financial Group

Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd.

Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of the West

Bankers Hall LP

Banro Corp.

Baosteel Financing 2015 PTY Ltd.

Baosteel Resources International Co. Ltd.

Barclays Bank plc

Barrett Xplore Inc.

Barrick (PD) Australia Finance Pty Ltd.

Barrick Gold Corp.

Barrick Gold Finance Co.

Barrick International Bank Corp.

Barrick North America Finance LLC

Barrier Therapeutics Inc.


Bausch Health Americas Inc.

Bausch Health Cos. Inc.

Baytex Energy Corp.

Baytex Energy Ltd.

Baytex Energy Trust

BCE Inc.

BCI QuadReal Realty

bcIMC Realty Corp.

Bell Aliant Inc.

Bell Aliant Regional Communications, LP

Bell Canada

Bell-MTS Inc.

Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy Co.

BFI Canada Inc.

BHP Billiton Ltd.

Bibby Offshore Holdings Ltd.

Big 8 Split Inc.

Big Split Inc.

Bill Barrett Corp.

BIP Bermuda Holdings I LP

BIP Bermuda Holdings I Ltd.

BIP Investment Corp.

BIPC Holdings Inc.

Birchcliff Energy Ltd.

Black Diamond Group Ltd.

Black Press Group Ltd.

Black Press Ltd.

Blackstone Group Inc.

Block Financial Corp., LLC

Blue Water Bridge Authority

Blue Water Bridge Canada

BlueBay Global Convertible Bond Fund

BMO Capital Markets

BMO Capital Markets Corp.

BMO Capital Trust

BMO Capital Trust II

BMO Financial Corp.

BMO Financial Group

BMO Harris Bank NA

BMO Long Provincial Bond Index

BMO Mid Provincial Bond Index ETF

BMO Mid-Term U.S. IG Corporate Bond


BMW Canada Inc.

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas (Canada)

BNS Split Corp. II

Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust

Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.

Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.

Bonavista Energy Corp.

Bonavista Energy Trust

Boralex Inc.

Borets International Ltd.

Bow Centre Street LP

Bowie Resource Partners LLC

BP Capital Markets plc

BP Corp. North America, Inc.

BP Finance plc

BP plc

BPO Properties Ltd.

BPR Cumulus LLC

BPR Nimbus LLC

BPY Bermuda Holdings II Ltd.

BPY Bermuda Holdings IV Ltd.

BPY Bermuda Holdings Ltd.

BPY Bermuda Holdings V Ltd.

BPY Bermuda Holdings VI Ltd.

Breitburn Energy Partners LP

Brick Ltd.

Bridging North America GP

Bristow Group Inc.

Brit Ltd.

British Columbia

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority

Broadcom Corp.

Brompton Funds Ltd.

Brookfield Asset Management Inc.

Brookfield BPY Holdings Inc.

Brookfield BPY Retail Holdings II Inc.

Brookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc.

Brookfield Canada Office Properties

Brookfield Finance I (UK) plc

Brookfield Finance Inc.

Brookfield Finance LLC

Brookfield Financial Inc.

Brookfield Incorporacoes SA

Brookfield Infrastructure Finance LLC

Brookfield Infrastructure Finance Ltd.

Brookfield Infrastructure Finance Pty Ltd.

Brookfield Infrastructure Finance ULC

Brookfield Infrastructure Holdings (Canada) Inc.

Brookfield Infrastructure LP

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, ULC

Brookfield Infrastructure US Holdings I Corp.

Brookfield Investments Corp.

Brookfield Office Properties Canada LP

Brookfield Office Properties Canada Real Estate Investment Trust

Brookfield Office Properties Inc.

Brookfield Properties Corp.

Brookfield Property Finance ULC

Brookfield Property LP

Brookfield Property Partners LP

Brookfield Property REIT Inc.

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP

Brookfield Renewable Kwagis Holding Inc.

Brookfield Renewable Partners LP

Brookfield Renewable Partners ULC

Brookfield Renewable Power Fund

Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.

Brookfield Renewable Power Preferred Equity Inc.

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc.

Brookfield Residential U.S. Corp.

Brookfield Residential US LLC

Brookfield US Holdings Inc.

BRP Finance ULC

Bruce Power LP

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust

Building Materials Holding Corp.

Burger King Worldwide, Inc.

Business Development Bank of Canada

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